International Fair


Interior Design Show … When design and quality materials acquire their own Show in sight,

the spectacle is just subversive!






The architectural event, Interior Design Show, despite the difficult economic conditions will return in order to add prestige, innovation and usability in unique and widely known materials and floor coverings.

For the two previous years, experienced and renowned architects and designers presented in the third floor of EKEP, unique architectural projects that filed the visitors ideas for the most original and innovative applications of materials which are also designed to be combined with low investment costs.


The Show will be spectacular and it can be your company that will present its materials through these projects. Interior Design Show ... Because the Design in professional level now has its own name!


Interior Design Show ... a new page in Greek Architectural Design has already opened and the next event is going to get it to the top.




See some photos from the 2010 event PointSupreme-partition
Giakas-Petropoulou-Enypnion Mabarchitects-plinthos
Lydia Xaida-Ecological Tree b.-Frolxees
See some photos from the 2009 event img_3490
img_3494 img_3499
img_3526 img_3530
img_3489 IMG_3488